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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  November 6, 2011 11:15pm-11:30pm EST

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john beck will start next week when the redskins travel to miami. so says mike shanahan. says he won't switch to grossman and didn't think of switching today to grossman. this third quarter play short pass broken up by patrick willis. check out the wide receivers. wide open. on the other side, throw it to me! but it didn't happen.
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head coach says do not put all the blame of this offense on one man. >> it's a problem regardless who is the quarterback. sometimes it looks like it's all the quarterback, and it's understandable when you lose a few pieces of the puzzle, the quarterback is going to look pretty average when we're playing pretty average as a group. we got to get better and we can't make the mistakes we made during the game. the three turnovers without not talking about anybody's play. >> beck is now 0-7 as an nfl starter. four losses came when beck played for next week's opponent, the dolphins and three came this season. how is team morale? lindsay murphy had the not so fun task of finding out. >> reporter: other week means another loss for the redskins. it's been four in a row. october2nd was the last time
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they got to celebrate a victory. that seems like a long time ago. it also seemed like a long time since the redskins put points on the board. want until a field goal was nailed at the end of the first half the skins ended a 95 minute and 352nd scoring drought. >> for an offense, got to have 11 guys going in the same direction. got a few different pieces of the puzzle we're trying to put together and you could see the end results today. >> reporter: many bluebirds directed at beck and the offense. grossman could get another shot. >> no question. i don't want it to continue. we have too many good players on this team. we have good character. we have guys that believe.
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losing like this shouldn't happen and i don't want it to happen. >> reporter: the skins play the 1-7 dolphins in mike next week a game they need as much for their psyche as the standing. where do they go from here? >> have to go up. can't go down. can only go up. got to keep fighting, man. got to keep fighting. keep trying to get better. i know it sounds cliche, but that's what it's got to take. >> you have to throw out the bigger goals and focus on winning. if you win every game, you'll accomplish any goal you have. i don't think guys will talk about playoffs and things like that. we have to talk about ending this losing streak, beating the dolphins and everything else will take care of itself. >> reporter: shanahan is 9-15 for his first 24 games. thornton was 10-14, oneuping
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him. good comparison. the last time the giants faced the patriots? super bowl xlii. they're meeting again. stakes may not be so high. but the game came down to the wire again. stay with us.
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the last time the giants faced the patriots, super bowl xlii in arizona. today the same two tangoed with slightly smaller stakes. belichick coming off a loss last week to the steelers. tom brady, 14 yards for the score. brady passed for 242 yards and
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two scores. 35 seconds left. giants driving. manning to cruz gets run over in the end zone. pass interference. giants with the ball on the one. three plays later manning ballard, 1 yard game winning touchdown. giants win, 24-20. improve to 6-2. tom coughlin isn't a guy that lets his hair down. what is he doing there? tony romo and the cowboys. on his way to the end zone but gets drilled, bang. fumbles. lewis recovers. tony romo says, darn darn. third quarter, 6-6, romo connects with whitten. dallas with the lead for good,
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13-6. fourth quarter. 6yards for the score. cowboys win 23-13 to improve to 4-4. redskins' opponent next week, dolphins on the road against the chiefs. second quarter, dolphins lead, shocking, 7-3. matt moore, dives in 35 yards for the score. second touchdown of the game. miami in front, 14-3 #. reggie bush on the end around first pass, two defenders, 28 yards for the score. dolphins beat the chiefs 31-3 for their first win of the season. miami hosts the redskins next sunday at 1:00 p.m. on fox 5. right now the nfl has not been much fun for landry or any of the guys. it hasn't. shanahan with a final word when we come back.
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mike shanahan is either really patient or believes his team's injuries are a big part of his recent failings. or he's beside himself and not sharing it with us. either way no moss, no hightower and no cooley means no fun in a shanahan post game
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conference. >> if you've been in this league, you understand, it's about production. but you have to have a goal. and i think we've been proved in a lot of areas. look at offense, it's tough to take for me. i understand how this thing works. we have a lot of young guys with talent that now are collectively not on the same page. with all this valuable experiences with some of these young guys hopefully it pays off shortly. >> hopefully sunny florida means a sunny disposition for the skins next week. good night. captions by: caption colorado, llc. (800)775-7838. email:


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